Classroom Experiences

  • August 2009– December 2009

Hartley Elementary School, Waseca, MN

I taught language arts/ reading, math, and science lessons over a sixteen week period in a second grade classroom during my student teaching experience.  I also created bulletin boards, corrected assessments, recorded scores, and kept up with daily routines.  For three of the sixteen weeks, I taught all day on my own.  (575 hours)

  • March 2009– April 2009

    Hartley Elementary School, Waseca, MN

    Taught math, social studies, and science lessons in a second grade classroom.  Also displayed student work, corrected in class assignments, and graded and recorded homework.   Taught lessons over a three week period.  (about 120 hours)

  • October 2007–  November 2007

    Monroe Elementary School, Mankato, MN

    Taught language arts/ reading, social studies, and math lessons over a three week period in a kindergarten classroom. (about 120 hours)

  • October 2006- December 2006
  • Kennedy Elementary School, Mankato, MN

    Helped fourth grade students who are at risk for one and a half hours after school with homework in the after school program. (16 hours)

    • September 2006- October 2006
    • Franklin Elementary School, Mankato, MN

      Worked in a physical education class with kindergarteners and first graders for about seven weeks.  Stayed a few extra days to help out with roller skating unit. (36 hours)

      • February 2005- May 2005

      McKinley Elementary School, Owatonna, MN

      Participated in high school Top Team course for child development.  Developed twelve of our own lesson plans which was taught to the children.  Participated in a fourth grade class during social studies and math times. (25 hours)

      • February 2005- May 2005

      Lincoln Elementary School, Owatonna, MN

      This was a high school course.  I signed up for service hours in Lincoln School.  I hung up art work, did a bulletin board display of  student work.  I helped with children struggling to read one-on-one.  I also helped with math facts in small groups. (25+ hours)